About Us

What We Do

LPCPA is a full-service public accounting firm geared to small and medium-sized businesses.  We understand that a company should be focused on the growth and success of their business.  LPCPA can help by first providing top-notch bookkeeping and compliance services to keep you current with information and in good standing with government agencies.  Beyond that, we will be there as you grow with current tax and technical knowledge…helping you plan for milestones in your business and personal life.

 Our Core Values

Relationships – We value relationships and make it a point to connect with clients on a personal level so we understand what is important to you.  This way we can help you make decisions that are in line with your long and short-term goals.

Responsive – When you call we are there.  When running a business, clients often need quick answers or something done in short time and we make it a point to respond.  Whether it’s a simple question or something more involved we get behind it to see you get what you need.

Proactive – Accounting for what has been done is only the starting point.  We look for opportunities to help our clients do better.  Whether its spotting problem areas, highlighting possible efficiencies, presenting tax opportunities or just having a round table discussion on doing better we will be working with you to help you succeed.  It is all about communication. 

These core values are the oxygen of our company…that and an open and approachable atmosphere make for an enjoyable client experience.

 How Are We Different?

At LPCPA you will quickly know that you are working with knowledgeable, caring and trusted professionals…big on customer service.  Communication is a big part of that and we are regularly reaching out to our clients with useful and practical information to help them navigate their financial affairs.

Tax is so important to the small business owner that it is something we make a focal point of our practice.  We keep up with latest developments so as to help you pay no more tax than you have to today and into the future.

Lastly, LPCPA is especially unique in that it offers business advisory services based on real business experience instead of something out of a book.  When you speak to us you speak to someone who has succeeded in industry facing the exact same challenges as you.  There is no substitute for experience so its valuable to know the advice you get is from someone who has been there walking the walk.